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Posted On March 7, 2007

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Katie stopped by my blog recently (be sure to check hers out!) and I spotted some too cute patchwork quilted purses she’s made. (She recently went to a taping of the Martha show — color me jealous!) The discovery led me to Google for tutorials and I found a bunch of great sites for making purses — just what I need, since I’ve been winging it with mine. Sure, they look cute but I know the construction could be better.

Actually, it’s kind of nice to see that even though I’ve been just guessing at the way to sew a bag, I’m actually on the right track.

I’m really excited about Creative Little Daisy’s zipper tutorial. Woohoo! As I’ve admitted before, zippers are  just a real challenge for me (although Angela has done a wonderful job of helping me). Between the two sets of instructions I know have, I may actually attempt a zipper again.


One Response to “How To”

  1. Kate

    aww thanks for the mention! I hope you’re making some of those bags. They’re so fun to do.

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