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Posted On March 19, 2007

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I stumbled upon the manual for my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago while looking for … something. I can’t recall exactly what. Anyway, I’d never read it. Not one page. Does that make me a bad person? Good, I didn’t think so. 🙂

It was nice to finally know what all those accessories that came with my machine are for. (It’s a lovely Brother that I bought for maybe $72 at that big store everyone — including me — loves to hate.) I have a zipper foot! I have a buttonhole foot! I have a button foot! I have a second spool pin!

Say what?

Yes, I have a second spool pin. It’s purpose? So I can use a double needle. See the fun things you learn when you read the manual?

I found some of those elusive double needles at the sewing expo last weekend. Tonight, I finally got brave enough to give one a whirl.

It’s so cool! I threaded it with two colors of thread so I could see and it’s just so neat! I did a double row of straight stitching and then tried a nice zig zag. I tried to take a picture but it’s like a cave in my dining room so there’s really nothing to see. I’ll try again tomorrow afternoon because I’ve just got to share! ha ha ha!

In other news … I got the new outfit sewn for Miss L. She’s been intensely cranky the past couple of days so there was no fashion show today. I’ll try tomorrow or else just photograph it without her modeling.


One Response to “Groovy Cool”

  1. Kate

    I’m always misplacing my sewing machine manuel. I’m lucky I even have one! My mom got my sewing machine at a garage sale for $25. I’ve never had it serviced, but it really needs to be. Isnt nice to know what all those foots are?!?

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