Posted On March 20, 2007

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I had plans to sew yesterday. I was going to work on an outfit for Miss L using that green chicken fabric. I ordered pizza and was getting ready to go when ..

One Frisbee, two teenage boys and a three-hour trip to the ER later…

My poor baby girl. She’s still asleep and I am dreading what her eye looks like this morning. Thankfully, no stitches were required and the eye itself is OK. But the eyelid looked just awful last night, all swollen and bruised and crusty from the tiny cut that looked much worse than it was because she wouldn’t let me clean it.


2 Responses to “Derailed”

  1. Kate

    awww, how awful! I hope she’s doing alright and you’re surviving!

  2. Beebee Mod

    Oh no! That is the worse when they get hurt. I can’t even stand to see my children bleed. Glad to know she didn’t need stitches! On a side note: You should be getting your package any day now. I mailed it on Saturday!

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