Mama’s New Shirt

Posted On March 25, 2007

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After I finished the Bitsy’s new outfit, I cut out and sewed this cute Amy Butler top for me. It’s the Cabo Halter pattern and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out — especially because it’s got a zipper. I used some sale fabric from JoAnn’s to make it, just in case I really messed it up. I think I’ll be making quite a few of these, since they’ll be perfect for our steamy summers.

The Ottobre top and bloomers I made Miss L are finished. They turned out so cute! I love the Heather Ross fabric and think it works so well with the set. As soon as I can get the young miss to agree to a fashion show, I’ll snap off a few pics and post them.

I think today’s project will be the oft-discussed-yet-never-cut-and-sewn green chicken outfit.

Oh, I completely forgot to mention yesterday’s big sewing news: I killed my sewing machine. My poor, $70 Brother cheapie from that big ol’ store I despise died during a sewn-in elastic waistband. It made this awful noise, I smelled some smoke and that was it. Goodbye, little Brother. It was a good 2.5 year run. My new machine is also a Brother and only slightly more expensive. It’s so quiet! And I love how it sews (the Cabo Halter was my first start-to-finish project).


2 Responses to “Mama’s New Shirt”

  1. mermaids

    the top looks fabulous! so sorry about the loss of the sewing machine. hope the new one is a good one. having good equipment can make sewing so much easier….and nicer. i wouldn’t trade my viking lily for anything.

  2. Kate

    You’ve been a busy sewing girl! Love the top, looks great. I might have to make one of those for the summer.

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