Sewing for Spring

Posted On March 28, 2007

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I’m trying to get a lot of sewing done this week since I’ll be machine free for about a week. That and I’d like a few cute things to wear on vacation. I’ve made a couple more of the Cabo Halters but so far only one of them has turned out.

I had this misguided notion that the first one was too big so I opted to size down. Now I have a perfectly cute halter that would fit if I dropped a cup size and lost two ribs. 😀 My attempt at a knit version resulted in throwing out approximately two yards of material, since it looked awful. No. Four is currently thrown across the back of my chair, awaiting a zipper. I think it turned out well — at least so far — and will look very cute with the tiered gauze cotton skirt that I need to sew, just as soon as I cut the fabric. (But following planning and measuring.)

Miss L’s new Anna dress pattern arrived yesterday and I’ve already traced and cut on Pattern Ease. I have several ideas for the first dress and just need to commit and cut. I also am going to use the leftover black and white polkadot fabrics from the chicken set for what I think will be a cute dress for her, too.

Somewhere in all of this sewing I need to write two press releases for a friend, clean my house, make a packing list, a shopping list, pay some bills, move all my sewing stuff to my new space downstairs, get a haircut, pick up G’s scrip from the doctor and get it filled, get a bikini wax and actually work, since I’m missing five days out of this month’s production cycle.

Surely sleep is not a necessity. I can catch up on my vacation. Right?


One Response to “Sewing for Spring”

  1. Beebee Mod

    No rest for the weary! We mom’s never slow down. I have so many things I should schedule for, but haven’t! Ugh!!

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