Gauze and Effect

Posted On April 2, 2007

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I had this brilliant idea to make myself a skirt. I bought three yards of this pretty turquoise crinkle cotton gauze, measured myself (always a scary prospect) and cut my strips for sewing. Decided to shortcut the whole process and just use my gathering foot on my serger to attach the tiers while gathering.

In theory, a brilliant plan. In practice? Disaster.

Most of what I sew is toddler-sized. I can get away with a yard of fabric (or half a yard) for an outfit. A three-yard skirt is a whole ‘nother animal.

By the time I gave up, I had used up every last bit of fabric I could cut for this skirt. And still, I have maybe one third to one half of a tier to gather and stitch before this bunch o’ fabric could really be called a “skirt.” It aspires to be a skirt … someday.

Apparently, this fabric gathers really well. Better, in fact, than any fabric I’ve ever gathered before with my serger. And because I gathered and attached at the same time, I woefully underestimated the length needed for each tier. Running out of fabric was just the kicker.

I’m pretty sure I will turn this lemon into Lynchburg Lemonade by cutting up the sorta skirt to make a sundress for Miss L. In the meantime, it can sit in my “figure it out later” pile.

Gotta love those learning experiences.


3 Responses to “Gauze and Effect”

  1. Kate

    Your story sounds just like Lera’s (the sky is pink)! I still have a dressed I tried to make 3 years ago that is still unfinished!

  2. Tara

    Ok, I have to got to figure out if I can use my gathering foot on my serger – that is a cool prospect!

  3. Beebee Mod

    Always learning with sewing. I have thought of making skirts for myself and even bought some books with ideas….now if there were just 25 hours in the day!

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