Here, Chickie Chickie!

Posted On April 8, 2007

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Before we headed to the beach, I convinced Miss L to model her new chicken apron and dress. I love this little set and expect to make many more outfits in this style. So fun and easy and perfect for our steamy summers.

I did have some issues with the shirring. My new sewing machine has a top-loading bobbin, vs. the front loader I had before. The shirring was just vexing me until it randomly began working — why, I couldn’t tell you. Still, it necessitated sewing in the elastic at the sleeves instead of shirring as I normally would.

This is the second peasant dress I’ve made and I’m much happier with the results. I guess I do learn from my mistakes after all! No crazy dippy hem this time.

Must give credit where it’s due: the apron was inspired by one Gyl (Rhembein) did, although I’m sure mine’s nowhere near as nicely sewn.


6 Responses to “Here, Chickie Chickie!”

  1. Kate

    How cute is that?? I think it is just so pretty and you did a great job on it!

  2. Beebee Mod

    I love that! The colors are so bright and wonderful! And about the thread…I am so the same way. I use this one color so much and I’ve started buying the bigger spool, but never think to buy more than one because I like to go back and forth to the store???

  3. Jessica

    This is the cutest dress… What is the chicken fabric line called? I LOVE the colors and the knot from the apron… super cute!

  4. rhembein

    Miss L looks as cute as ALWAYS! And you did a good job on the apron! That fabric is all really great together!


  5. Kylie Pearse

    Oh what a lovely little apron! You have done a fab job. And you little girl is georgous – I love those curls

  6. Kim

    Oh I bet it is even better!!!!

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