Today’s Duh! Moment

Posted On April 9, 2007

Filed under Bloopers, Confession

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Oprah can have her Aha! moments; I will stick with my Duh! moments.

I finally got around to working on my stripwork purse. It took me about forever to pick out the fabric — I bought a bundle of fat quarters from my quilt shop — and then another forever to make the time to work on something for me. I was so excited to get going on it today! I cut out all my pieces, got both sides stitched together and the first side quilted (a first for me — I’ve never tried it before).

And then I ran out of thread.

Seriously, I use more white thread than anything else. Why would I not buy three or four spools at a time? Which is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow.


One Response to “Today’s Duh! Moment”

  1. Anne Heidi

    Hello, hmm white thread, something to put into your first aid kit perhaps…. Love your blog, and your little daughter is just a doll!

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