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Posted On April 13, 2007

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Sorry for the complete lack of entries this week. In my “real life,” I’m a magazine editor and have these horrid “deadline” things every month that interfere with my ability to sew, craft, watch TV, clean, cook, shop and pretty much accomplish anything outside of the realm of writing or editing for the magazine. Ah, good times.

I’m really not complaining; I spent about 16 years working toward the job and I’m fortunate to enjoy what I do. Having worked at daily and weekly publications, I really can appreciate the deadlines at a monthly mag. (Plus not having to write obits or cover fires.)

All this background and job love to segue into the fact that I gave notice this week. Yep, in 27 days, I will return to being a full-time stay-at-home mom who occasionally writes, edits and does PR work on a freelance basis, as well as making and selling the random tutu. I’ve only been at this job about eight months. It was a bit of an unexpected move: I saw the job posting, emailed my resume and had a job before I knew it. My boss really wanted someone in the office more than I was willing to do, but we decided to give it a go anyway. I think we’ve both gotten a lot out of it but I really miss the hang time with Miss L; she’s my third and final baby and I just want to savor every minute.

So here I am, chugging into my last official deadline, counting the days until my time is again all my own.


4 Responses to “Pin Drop”

  1. Kate

    Congrats on the new changes in your life. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy all the time you’ll spend with Miss L, and I’m sure that’ll mean more sewing!

  2. Jessica

    That is so awesome that you can take this time and share it with your family… I pray that I can do that one day!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Beebee Mod

    That’s great. You will have so much fun enjoying her and all of her adventures. So much going on!

  4. Angelina

    I know it’s not always possible to make decisions like this, but your third will love getting more of you since you’re able to make this change!

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