To Market, To Market

Posted On April 15, 2007

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I had my first experience at The Market today. While it was incredibly overwhelming, it also was really fun to see what so many clothing manufacturers are doing for fall (and winter, in some cases). I have a stack of business cards and catalogs and postcards, many of them showing the clothes that will be selling in boutiques in just a few short months.

It was kind of neat, actually to meet one of the designers for a company who recognized the fabric on my purse (the as-yet unphotographed stripwork purse featuring all Amy Butler fabric) and then pulled out a dress in her fall line that incorporates the same fabric. (She also had kind words to say about my purse, which made me blush.)

I spent three hours at the Market and probably saw 1/12 of what’s in just that one building (there are three). It’s really pretty massive and a little overwhelming — but I’m going back, for sure!


2 Responses to “To Market, To Market”

  1. Jessica

    Market is SO fun… yo can totally make a day out of it! Glad you enjoyed yourself… Let’s see that stripwork purse!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Kate

    What’s the Market? Sounds like fun. And yes, I want to see that purse! hee hee

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