Goodies by Mail

Posted On April 23, 2007

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Last week was the deadline to mail packages for Missy’s First Aid Kit Swap. Not only was it Missy’s first time hosting a swap, it was my first time participating. I was (am) really nervous, because I’ve never done anything like this before and wasn’t really sure what I was doing. Then the idea I had didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped … *sigh*

Today, though. Today! My swap package arrived all the way from Norway. The amazing AnneHeidi — an amazingly talented quilter and crafter– put together the cutest, most thoughtful first aid kit ever. I am just over the moon! And on a sugar high, because she sent delicious Norwegian caramels and chocolate. See for yourself:

1. firstaidkit1, 2. firstaidkit2, 3. firstaidkit3

Thank you so, so much, AnneHeidi! I love it all!


7 Responses to “Goodies by Mail”

  1. Kathleen

    Wow, you scored! My swap package hasn’t arrived yet, I hope it comes this week!

  2. Beebee Mod

    I’d like to get in on a swap! Well you’re already giving me some fabric. I think I will send you something too! Yippeee! Hey the picture didn’t load right or something.

  3. Jessica

    This is SO cute!!! I would LOVE to participate in something like this!!

  4. heidi

    very cool blog! i totally love the first aid kits! super col idea!

  5. Anne Heidi

    You are making me blush here with all the nice things you wrote. I am so happy you liked the kit, and that the chocolate didn’t melt in the mail…

  6. Angelina

    That sounds like one of the coolest swaps. What made Missy think of it?

  7. Happy Zombie

    What a score! Anne Heidi’s bag she made you is gorgeous! Everything is Scandi-licious!

    That was a great swap Missy had (and I had a great partner too)!

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