Scrappin’ Fool

Posted On April 25, 2007

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Scrapbooking is probably the craft with which I’ve stuck the longest, although my scrapping ebbs and flows. I actually switched from paper to digital after my daughter was born in 2004 because it just became too much of a production to pull out my supplies then put everything away. It’s a shame, really, because I have a really embarrassing amount of supplies just going to waste.

Here’s a page from the scrapbook I did for my Junior League’s provisional class (of which I am a member). It wasn’t until I started putting it together that I realized I only had about half the pictures I thought I did, so I ended up s p r e a d i n g the picture out as much as I could (I opted to use a printed hardbound book from Shutterfly and thus had 20 pages to fill). The supplies are from Shabby Princess, a kit called Flea Market Chic. Not my greatest work but at least I scrapped!


One Response to “Scrappin’ Fool”

  1. heidi

    very nice. my poor scrapbooking. no longer have the patience or the time!

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