My Lollipop Girl

Posted On April 28, 2007

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Anna Maria Horner‘s new Chocolate Lollipop line of fabric from Free Spirit is to die for yummy! I whipped up this little set after dinner the past couple of nights. It includes a white peasant-style under dress, a halter jumper, an applique apron (with rickrack) and a slightly too big cloche hat (oops!).

Miss Bitsy Thang was so excited to put it on but preferred running around the yard to having her picture taken. I’m going to have to take better pics because I just love how this outfit turned out. We ran some errands today and everyone who saw her stopped us to comment on it. One mom with two little girls asked me if I sold my work after I told her I made it. (That sure made me blush!)

I have scads more, so look for Chocolate Lollipop overload here in the next couple of weeks! ha ha ha!


6 Responses to “My Lollipop Girl”

  1. Angelina

    No way. That is so cute!! Little girls are so much fun to dress! Love your fabric combinations. Favorite detail? The little rick rack edged apron.

  2. lisa

    That is so yummmmm looking!

  3. pam

    This is super cute! Its fun to make those small sized clothes.

  4. Katie

    gosh she’s too freakin cute. And I love that outfit. I can’t believe you already have some of that fabric. I’m so jealous!

  5. gyl

    WOW! SO COOL! Great job!!

    I have GOT to get some of that!!! EEP!!

  6. Stephanie

    Gorgeous! I love the way you used these fabrics!

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