A Bed for Biscuit

Posted On May 4, 2007

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I picked up some inexpensive heavyweight fabric at the fabric warehouse I found, fully intending to do something with it. What? I don’t know. I decided to make a bed for our puppers, the incredible Avacado Biscuit aka Ava aka Ava Biscuit aka 100 other nicknames.

We’ve had Ava four years, adopting her when she was about 6 months old. We had gone to the local humane society to find a dog but the only puppies there were large breed and we were looking for a smaller dog (at the time, we lived in an apartment). I bought a newspaper at a gas station and hubby and I scoured the classifieds, finally calling the couple advertising “free to good home … chihuahua/pekingese mix.”

Our little Ava is not much bigger than she was four years ago. She is the sweetest pup in the world and the center of our daughter’s universe. Seriously — her first word was “dog.” LOL!

Such a special part of our family deserves a big cushy bed, and now she has it!

No pattern here. I just cut two big rectangles then four smaller ones for the sides. Thankfully, you can’t see from the picture how jacked up the corners are. I didn’t think through the construction — just kind of threw it on the serger and let ‘er rip. I still need to stitch closed the hole for the poly fill, but I’m waiting to see how it settles in case I need to add more.

My jealous sweetie has already proclaimed it as “My Pillow!” and thinks it’s a complete travesty that the dog keeps camping out on it.


One Response to “A Bed for Biscuit”

  1. Katie

    aww that looks so comfy. what a cutie pie!

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