You Know You Want It

Posted On May 7, 2007

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I’m planning to upgrade my camera soon and have begun the dismantling and selling of ye olde accessories.  Up first: the BG-E3, also known as the Canon Digital Rebel XT Battery Grip.

This handy accessory gives the user portrait-orientation controls, as well as double the battery capacity (although you can still power on and use the camera with just one battery). It also includes  an adapter that allows you to use AA batteries to power your XT. I have not used it, so can’t verify or give you any idea as to battery life.

Comes with original box, packaging and instructions (sketchy though they may be).

$105 shipped +w/insurance. Email me if you’re interested in giving this lonely thing a new home. 🙂


4 Responses to “You Know You Want It”

  1. Beebee Mod

    I don’t understand the accessories so well, but I went to your photo blog and what a beautiful family! Your boys are so beautiful…although they would never want to hear that. Their hair! My peechu is maybe going to look like that one day, but with blonde curls. I too, am looking to upgrade our camera. I’ll need your advice on that one!

  2. heidi

    good luck with sale. my hubby has barred me from any new accesories! a new camera will be awesome!

  3. craftaddictconfessional

    My husband is so tired of hearing me talk about cameras, I think his eyes are about ready to roll out of his head. I can’t imagine why.

  4. gyl

    LOL! Your hubby’s eyes! LOL!

    So, what ya gettin!!?? I am plotting a new one for end of summer! 🙂


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