Posted On May 11, 2007

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Double tagged!  I can’t believe my luck. ^_~ Thanks to both Lisa and Gyl for sharing the love.

1. List seven random facts/habits about yourself.

2. Choose another SEVEN bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog.

3. Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.


1. I curse a blue streak. It’s really pretty awful. I’m trying to cut back, especially since I have a little blonde mimic following me around everywhere.

2. My pets are all named after vegetables. Dog Avacado (called Ava) and cats Broccoli and Rhubarb (called Ruby).

3. My hair is naturally curly and I have three naturally curly haired babies.

4. I was widowed at 23 (today is actually the anniversary of my first husband’s death). I hate the look on people’s faces when they find out.

5. My mom was cremated after she died five years ago. My intention was to spread her ashes down in the Keys. That has not yet happened, so my mom is still in a box in my closet. I tell her “hi” every time I walk in.

6. I have not spoken to my younger brother in three years.

7. My favorite job is being an aunt. I will, at the end of the summer, have 19 nieces and nephews: Dylan, Hayley, Noah, Madison, Davis, Anthony, Jameson, Katie, Julie, Belle, Clayton, Brice, Conner, Sidney, April, Alex and Amelia.

Now that you’ve read it, consider yourself tagged!


6 Responses to “Tag-o-licious”

  1. lisa

    Oh, i am laughing and teary eyed at the same time! thanks for sharing!!

  2. gyl

    WUB (hee hee) It is nice to have known you as long as I have and been able to watch your little blond cursing parrot grow!! I curse too much too. I have begun muttering more to hide it, and I don’t know which is worse! LOL!

    Those last two names on your list (of nieces and nephews) seem oddly familiar!! ;P


  3. Kate

    goodness.. those are some interesting fact. And holy moly, 19 nieces and nephews. How many siblings do you have?? Please don’t tell me 2 hee hee.

  4. AngelaS

    Thanks for sharing a small window into your world. 🙂

  5. Angelina

    It’s kind of good you didn’t tell me about being widowed at twenty three in person because I would then have an incredibly difficult time holding the questions back which would then cause me to see a look I hate to see on people’s faces which is the dawning realization that they have invited conversation with a socially inept human being.

    I love reading random facts about people, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about you. Especially the swearing bit.

  6. AngelaS

    Oh another thought…. I’m laughing REALLY hard at the thought of you swearin’ w/a Southern accent– you do have one right? I imagine you talkin’ in one of those sweet southern drawls. The idea of you as a sweet Southern woman is now tarnished. 😉

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