Out of the Closet

Posted On May 15, 2007

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What is it about closets that seems to invite such disaster? Surely I can’t be alone in this.

My giant list o’ chores includes managing the messes in at least four closets — five, if you believe the moniker “storage closet” is apropos (although the “closet” is nearly equal in size to our master bedroom).

I spent some time this afternoon trying to purge the mess that has accumulated in my closet. I have this rather handy method of cleaning. I call it “stick it in a box or a bag and shove it in the closet.” Over time, this has meant veritable piles of bags and boxes full of stuff. Junk mail. Catalogs. Old report cards (not mine — the boys’). Magazines. Lots of magazines.

As I filled giant garbage bags, Josh hauled them down to the curb for tomorrow’s trash collection. I think there were at least three bags. It really is just a start. I still have to do something with the things left behind. Perhaps it’s time to actually put all those pictures in albums or something.

Cleaning is therapeutic for me. All that purging, getting rid of things that are just occupying space without being useful. I need that every now and again. It clears my mind as much as it does my closets and shelves and cabinets. Mess weighs on me mentally and the act of clearing it out opens up my psyche as much as it does my physical spaces.


2 Responses to “Out of the Closet”

  1. Angelina

    I need to clean as well. As much as I love it when my husband spontaneously decides to clean, I still need to do it myself because it really does refresh my mind and spirit. Plus, I’m better at it than he is.

  2. heidi

    sounds EXACTLY like me. i stuff closets then months later go through everything. i’m really not a pack rat. only for a monthor two at a time. then it needs to find a new home.

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