Live and Learn

Posted On May 21, 2007

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Me and my brilliant ideas.

Really, you’d think I’d know by now. But no. I continue to learn things the hard way.

Today, I decided to cut and sew the Western-style shirt I’ve had in mind for a few weeks now. Only, I was going to take this boy’s shirt pattern and Euro girlify it. Use a little La Zagala fabric. Piping. Pearl snaps. How hard can it be?

I wrongly thought Timtex was the devil. The devil is, in fact, piping. Even basting in that crap did not make it any easier to work with. I’m forgoing the snaps altogether since I don’t think this shirt can be worn out of the house. Although as unhappy as I am with the finished product, I do have to say that the collar — my first — looks pretty darned good.

Note to self: Buy muslin and use it the next time I get a whim. Because 99 cents a yard is much less painful to screw up than that damned $16 a yard imported European fabric. (Good thing the little missy is so petite — I have enough left over from the yard I bought to try again.)


7 Responses to “Live and Learn”

  1. Megan

    I feel your pain. Been in that space many, many times.

  2. heidi

    ouch! i will give you props for trying though! i have a tendency to be a bit sheepish with my good fabric!

  3. katie

    yikes! I don’t even mess with piping. haha. I can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. Stephanie

    Screwing up projects seems to the story of my life! Oh the blog posts I would have it if everything I tried worked out!

  5. Jessica Chapman

    Wow… sorry to hear of the blunder. I’ve been putting off a simple sewing project because I’m afraid to ruin the good fabric that I just bought… but I know I really need to get on it………and I will…………. someday……….. soon šŸ™‚ So, can you post a photo of the item– I’m curious! Someone as wonderful-a-sewer as you couldn’t have messed something up too bad!

  6. Angelina

    Next time it will get easier. Piping is definitely a bitch. I’ve always hated doing bias binding but the trick with that definitely was the basting. I’m afraid of piping.

    Using cheap fabric first is generally the safest way to go.

  7. littledresses

    you need a piping foot! they were sent from heaven…aaaahhhhh…..and mine only cost about $13.

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