Buzz Buzz Buzz

Posted On May 23, 2007

Filed under Confession

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The downside of being able to spend so much time being crafty is that I have to give up time elsewhere — hence my absence. Rest assured, I will be back soon with lots of nifty show and tell to share!


2 Responses to “Buzz Buzz Buzz”

  1. heidi

    sniff, sniff…tear. can’t wait till you’re back!

  2. Jessica

    Yeah I understand, only my problem is the exact opposite. The computer is easy for me. So, I just surf crafting sites and dream of all the things I WANT to do, and then…. don’t have time for b/c I just spent so much time on the computer! YES I need to change that habit, huh? Well, need to go knit and stop looking at knitting ;))))

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