My Marieke Mermaid

Posted On May 24, 2007

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In spite of the fact that I’m supposed to be on a fabric diet, I stumbled across this gorgeous print at JoAnn’s and could not resist. I have a certain weakness for cute mermaid/sea life fabric. My whole house has kind of a beach thing going on (not in a cutesy, Disney-fied way — more of a Real Simple/Coastal Living kind of way).


I bought major yardage because I can see wanting to make something from this again next year. And the following year. And however long that curly blond sassypants will let me.

I really thought the print was well suited for the Marieke pattern. It’s just kind of a fun, simple jumper that can be dressed up or down — and I opted to go with the more simplified version (and ditched the pockets). The polka dot fabric I found at my quilt store, not sure of the manufacturer/pattern. I think it is a perfect match for the mermaid. It reminds me a little of the scales of the brunette mermaid’s tail. The blue background has a subtle wave pattern in it, accented with glitter that pretty much came off when I pre-washed the fabric. Bummer!

I’m actually making another one for someone else’s daughter, the first of what she’s told me will be many outfits for both her kids. She checked out Miss L’s dress in person today and loves it as much as I do. I might even be convinced to sew another.


19 Responses to “My Marieke Mermaid”

  1. Megan

    I love this so much. The bottom frill is the perfect choice of complementary colour, makes the whole thing come alive.

  2. heidi

    i l-o-v-e this! too much! and the model is the best!

  3. Beebee Mod

    Cutey patooty! That i the cutest little jumper. You gotta dress them for as long as you can because pretty soon they go on a pink-only thing. Or whatever color she will like the most.

  4. Stephanie

    Great Job! That fabric suits that pattern perfectly!

  5. cheryl

    I have this pattern and alas – it’s sitting, begging to be sewn. You have inspired me! CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love that meraid print!!!

  6. Amy

    That dress is SOOOO cute. And I love the mermaid print. That’s awesome! Lucky little girl.

  7. katie

    Mary that’s sooo cute! As is Ms L!

  8. Angelina

    That is so adorable! (Both the girl and the dress.)

  9. craftapple

    That is such a precious little girl in a pretty dress! Good going centering the mermaid.

    I WAS able to get the invisible zipper in with the regular zipper foot. Looking at your little dress it makes me want a ruffley-do-dah foot. :o)

  10. Jessica Chapman

    I, too, LOVE The mermaid print!!!! My house WANTS to have sort of a costal living feel, so give me some pointers! We have a “beachy” back porch. Obviously I love the beach! 🙂

  11. mermaids

    now i have to go to joann’s. totally *need* that fabric. 🙂

  12. craftaddictconfessional

    Awwww! Thanks y’all! You’re making me blush!

    I swear, if it were possible to be addicted to a specific fabric, this would be it for me. I’m going to have to make a purse or something for me, too. Is it crazy for a nearly 40-year-old woman to want a cartoon mermaid purse? LOL!

  13. Kuky

    What a fun print! And I hadn’t heard of Farbenmix patterns before. I used to collect knitting patterns, a long list of things I wanted to knit, so long I doubt I’d ever be able to finish it in my lifetime. Now I think I’ve moved onto sewing patterns!!

  14. capello

    totally, completely adorable!

  15. Selena

    What an precious dress. We are mermaid fans here and both my daughter and I love that dress.

  16. Green

    Hi I have been looking for this fabric up and down in NY.Can you please post SKU# or fabric name anything I can use to order this Thanks so muh.I greatly appreciate it!

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  19. donna

    You did a lovely job!

    I too would love to know what the make of fabric is..I am in Canada and will have to go online to find it and a name and mae of print would be so appreciated

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