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Posted On May 25, 2007

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It always warms my heart to read the comments others leave on my blog (or email to me). When I started this blog, I had no idea if anyone other than me would ever read it. And I was totally, completely fine with that. For me, blogging gives me an avenue to think out loud, to commit my creations to a forum where I can revisit them whenever I want.

I also love the blog reading, seeing what other people have on their minds and what they are creating. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I tear up, sometimes I’m inspired to make something as cool or fun or meaningful.

This evening, I’ve spent a little time updating my blogroll to reflect what I read, giving props to those who inspire and entertain me on a regular basis. I think others will like ’em, too.


5 Responses to “Bloggy Goodness”

  1. Beebee Mod

    It’s amazing how people do read blogs. A year ago I’d never heard of it. Now here I am commenting on yours and others. I love your blog and I love blogging.

  2. heidi

    thanks for including me in your blog reading! and i know what you mean. i started mine with the intent of being the only one reading.

    i would never trade the relationships i have made over the past 2 two years through our blogging community!

  3. Jessica Chapman

    You’ve been tagged for a random seven meme… Amy tagged me and I’m tagging you… check mine out at:

  4. katie

    Me too! I love reading other blogs and blogging. And now that you’ve added even more people… I’m in trouble! Like I need to read anymore!!

  5. Happy Zombie

    Well said! I so agree with you!

    Thank you for having me on your blogroll. I feel very honored!

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