Where’s My Vitameatavegamin?

Posted On May 26, 2007

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School is out, so that means the boys have been home and driving me crazy. I know not why they engage in this behavior, only that they pick fights with each other solely to tick. Me. OFF.

Yesterday was their free day. I let them sleep until 11, then annoy the crap out of each other and me all day.

Today, they were all mine.

I woke up on time this morning, about 6:15. Grabbed my broom, mop and bucket, and promptly swept and mopped the kitchen floor. Washed dishes, cleaned the counter, kissed my cute husband goodbye. Moved on to the master bathroom, which was filthy in a “thank goodness the health department doesn’t come here” kind of way. Kicked myself for the 800th time for deciding white throw rugs were a good idea in the bathroom.  Squeak, squish, spray, spotless. Even did the floors.

Gave up cleaning to do a little fabric cutting until the awakening of Miss Bébé. Chased both boys out of bed, at what they decided was a rather unholy hour (9 a.m.). You can only imagine the cheers and jubilation expressed at my announcement that today would be “my” day. A yard work day. Groan, kvetch, whine, pout. W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R.

After a quick trip to the giant cheap retailer I love to hate, a side trip to Subway (hey, eat fresh!) and a quickie at the gas station, I got home in time for lunch with the kiddos. Put the little bitty thing down for a nap and dragged her brothers outside, the pair of them kicking and screaming — like it would do any good.

You know what? It’s really hard for teenagers to argue when they are operating a lawn mower and a weed whacker. Not that they didn’t try! I think we were outside three or four hours, just working away. Mowing the grass. Hacking through unbelievably tall weeds. Cleaning out the garage.

My task was mulching the area in front of the house. I’m reluctant to call it a flower bed, because there are maybe three flowers there. It’s actually pretty sad looking. We have a couple of small green bush looking things, a couple of flowers, one spindly rose stem (no, it’s not a bush), and this really weird looking purple thing — I don’t know what it is but even I haven’t been able to kill it and usually a good glare will whither just about anything. (As you can tell, I’m no Angelina.) The area takes seven full bags of mulch, if that gives you an idea of just how barren it looks.

While I was spreading the mulch, I noticed a tiny tree growing next to the window, right behind one of our bush things. I needed to spread more mulch over there anyway, so I stepped closer, kicking over some mulch while simultaneously  reaching down to grab the treeling. That’s when this thing darted out of the bush, right next to my foot, and made a mad dash for the lawn behind me. I screamed, the biggest, loudest, nellie-girl scream you’ve ever heard. Because I thought it was a rat. Ewwwww! Ewwww, ewwwww, ewwwwwwwwwww! Once I shut my mouth and opened my eyes, I saw what it really was:

Only the one in my yard was teeny tiny, like maybe the size of the palm of my hand. Just a wee baby bunny! Yes, I screamed bloody murder over a cute widdle bunny wabbit.  Thankfully none of its brethren jumped out of the bush.

My cutie pie hubby noticed all the work we did as soon as he pulled up, and wisely spent his first 20 minutes home walking around outside, admiring everything. I love that man! Of course, it’s not even 9:30 p.m. and I may sleep on this couch because I don’t know if I have the energy to walk down the hall to my bedroom. Still, it was a good start to my big summer chore list, of which there are still roughly 150 items to complete in the next two months.

For now, I’ll just revel in the ……zzzzzzz..zzzzzz..zzzzzz


8 Responses to “Where’s My Vitameatavegamin?”

  1. AngelaS

    When you get your use out of your handsome helpers, please mail them to me. I have the world’s ugliest “not a flower in sight” beds. 😛

  2. heidi

    do you rent out those boys?! my children are still too wee to be all that useful. they are still in the stage where “helping” is actually much more work for me!

  3. katie

    Your post is just making me laugh! I don’t know whether to be excited that I will one day have a teenage boy, or to be scared!! At least you got a lot work done in the yard. I could certainly use help with that.

  4. craftapple

    Now that is one nice hubby you have. I always tell my hubby what I’ve done because if I don’t tell him, he doesn’t notice. :o)

    So glad it was a bunny and not a rat!

  5. Jessica

    Sounds like such a cool day. I can’t wait until my little boy is big enough to help in a productive way! Love it that you’ve gotten a big start on your summer chore list. I’d like to see your list. Mine seems to me really long too and I’m feeling overwhelmed already. My summer does not start until this coming Wed, and my mother-in-law will be here Thursday and Friday and Saturday, so my “I’m free” vacation REALLY won’t start until one week from TODAY. (Sunday). We still have to pay for daycare over the summer to save our spot, so I’ll be sending the baby a few days a week so that I can get stuff done. 🙂

  6. Angelina

    What a productive busy day. Darn teenage boys though. Is it too soon to put my six year old son at the handle of the lawn mower?

    What a cute bunny!

  7. sara, the wine makers wife

    i love the bunny wabbit….. Your husband is a good man!

  8. Jen

    Oh how funny this post was! I can’t believe the bunny sat still for that picture! Wow. I am looking to investing in a better camera. I am scared though because there are soo many new things I would have to learn. Maybe a class would be great.

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