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Posted On May 27, 2007

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Hubby, Bunny and I headed over to our old stomping grounds today to check out the annual arts festival that takes place every Memorial Day weekend. It’s kind of been our tradition since we moved here seven years ago, even though we went from living practically within walking distance to a 20-minute drive from there.

In years past, we have purchased at the festival watercolors, jewelry, clothing and even the lovely framed photograph of a fence in beach sand that’s hanging on the wall behind me.

  (Segue: Seriously, how flipping cool is Photo Booth? I was sitting here, thinking how much better it would be to show you the picture I was writing about and — lo and behold — the handy-dandiness of my MacBook saves the day! Please excuse my end-of-the-day hair, goofy expression and any food stuck in my teeth. End of segue.)

Last year, there was a lot of construction going on at the festival site, which made it a little tougher to navigate and also cut out some vendors. Thankfully, the work is finally done and everything was spiffy and shiny.

I don’t know whether it was the memories of last year or something else, but there were far fewer booths this year than in previous years. I mean noticeably fewer. And, as much as I hate to admit this, there really wasn’t much that felt exciting or new or fresh to me. Maybe I’ve gotten jaded, especially since I see so much cool, handmade stuff online every day.

One thing I did fall in love with — and buy –was a really groovy recycled glass necklace from Smart Glass Jewelry. I had such a hard time narrowing down to “the one.” There were two or three I had my eye on. Ultimately, I chose this one in kind of a turquoise glass, which Kathleen told me came from a sake bottle.  (If I were wearing it, I’d take a picture. But it’s in the bedroom and I’m too lazy to walk down the hall … yada yada yada … you get a link instead.) I love it! Bunny thinks it’s hers. Ha ha ha! She’s so funny!

Since we were all the way in town (not really — “town” refers to Atlanta proper and we were still in the ‘burbs), we decided to luncheon at one of my favorite restaurants, Taqueria del Sol. We arrived a few minutes before they opened, so we actually were able to get in, order, get a table and then our food pretty quickly. There’s nearly always a line and with the influx of folks for the festival, a wait would not have surprised me. Should you ever be inclined to dine there, I highly recommend the brisket taco, the fish taco, the fried chicken taco and whatever the day’s special taco may be. Really, though, you can’t go wrong with just about anything on the menu. And the restaurant just looks cool, too. I think it used to be an old gas station with a service garage attached. They’ve kept the bones but really made it this very hip, fun, inexpensive place to eat.

Only two days left in the weekend and I’ve yet to sew anything but plan to remedy that tomorrow. We may take my little bitty thang to her first movie-theater movie, but we’ll just wait and see. Monday may hold a return trip to the Ren Fest, if the horrid, choking smoke isn’t too bad. We will contribute to the air pollution ourselves when I fire up the grill and make burgers, hot dogs, turkey brats and possibly a veggie burger or two. The spinach dip is already in the fridge so the flavors can blend. I add garlic, salt, pepper and a couple of dashes of Tabasco to liven things up. If I get motivated, we may even have cupcakes for dessert. Am I making you hungry? Because I need to publish this and go snack on something!


5 Responses to “Artsy Fun”

  1. Jessica

    The art festival sounds cool. I didn’t realize you were in Atlanta. I’m in Tallahassee, FL. We have been breathing smoke for the last few weeks too– and it’s yucky. It’s made my eyes feel like I’ve been in a smoky bar for the last two weeks! But, I’m stubborn and continue to sit on the back porch where it is nice…. but smoky! We go to Atlanta from time to time to catch a baseball game or two. My hubby is a freak for that stuff.

  2. heidi

    now that just sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! i love art fairs!

  3. Karie

    Hey Mary! Sounds like a fun weekend. I was thinking about you when we flew over Georgia to get to Florida. I saw the horrid smoke from the airplane! We got several comments the day we wore our “dots” to Disney. Thanks again for the custom made by Mary top!

  4. Tannerlove

    As you know, L-O-V-E your blog and yes,… now I’m craving a cupcake. If you have a recipe (or just one you think is cool) you must send it my way!

  5. Angelina

    I am totally in the mood for an art fair! That sounds like such fun!

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