The Evil Nap Monster

Posted On May 31, 2007

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Dear Daughter,

You are my last child, the shining gem in my biological treasure chest. I love you from the top of your curly blond head to your pink-painted toenails.

That said, your recent decision to occasionally forgo a nap is — in my humble opinion — ill advised. You are 2.5 years old. You play hard. You need a nap. Mommy needs you to nap.

Do me a favor: Climb back on board the nap train, and soon.

Love,  Mommy


5 Responses to “The Evil Nap Monster”

  1. craftapple

    Oh yes, the giving up of the nap is hard on EVERYONE! But worst on mommy. Your reasons all sound reasonable to me. I hope she thinks so too!

    My second little guy was my best napper. He regularly napped well into his 3rd year and could still nap if I made him lie down long enough. We all still have “nap” time when everyone picks a quiet toy and go to different rooms in the house. It ensures that I get a little bit done without too much interruption. :o)

  2. Kuky

    What? They can stop taking naps so soon?? Oh no!!!

  3. Jessica Chapman

    Um, yeah, this was scary. I love the time between 12 and 2 — Camden naps like clockwork– and it’s my quiet time to blog or read or sew or knit or make ATCs or……………. god forbid CLEAN! LOL! Hope she gets to nappin again soon!

  4. lisa

    oh too funny, LOL! Poor you, yes 2.5 is too young to stop napping, and as she is your last, she should be napping at least till 6 yrs old (mind still does, several times a week in fact). She doesn’t like it, but the sheer force of my will overpowers her.

  5. Sarah

    Oh man, Jack has started doing this occassionally too. It is the pits.

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