It’ll Last Longer

Posted On June 1, 2007

Filed under Photography

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I have loved photographs since I was a little girl. As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed leafing through albums and scrapbooks, reviewing my family and life.

As much fun as it is to look, I probably enjoy taking pictures even more. There is something magical about capturing a specific moment in time. I’ve never been one to really care about video; give me a picture I can hold and I’m content.

Recently, I invested in a purty new camera, a bit of a beast that I find intimidating and exciting, all at the same time. Of course the camera is only part of the equation, and I completely recognize that. Which is why I signed up today for not one but two photography classes. I toyed with the idea of taking a dance class this summer, but the distance from my house made me a little leery of dropping that much money on something that could be really stressful to travel to and from on a good day — never mind one of my city’s horrendous rainy day traffic disasters.

Instead, I checked out the course lineup at the photography school. Found two classes the seemed suited to my slightly-more-than-a-beginner-but-not-much level (including one about photographing younger kids), paid them some money and I’m set. I’m a little stunned but excited at the opportunity to get some instruction and feedback. It’ll be great to be in a learning environment again; I’ve kind of missed school since the baby was born — not enough to drop everything and go back, though. I think this will be just the perfect amount of education for me.


3 Responses to “It’ll Last Longer”

  1. Jessica Chapman

    Sounds SO WONDERFUL! I have a fancy camera, but not THAT fancy– but will someday! So, tell me what you learned, and be sure to blog about what you are learning along the way– inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  2. heidi

    that sounds like too much fun! can’t wait to see new pics! i love my canon and i’m sure you will have a blast with yours!

  3. Kuky

    Oh how cool! Alan keeps telling me to sign up for a photography class and I want to but maybe later. Worrying about money now and I don’t want it bad enough. I can buy new fabric but a class…like I said, I don’t want it bad enough.

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