Home Improvement Part Deux

Posted On June 5, 2007

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I rather smartly forgot to take “before” pics of this summer’s major outdoor projects, so you’ll just have to suffer through my descriptions. If I can get the energy to go find my camera, I will take pics of the works in progress this evening — but don’t count on it.

I ache. I stink. I’m absolutely filthy. But I feel pretty good about what we accomplished today.

After the kids and I got back from running errands this afternoon, we put the baby down for a nap and then got to work. I opted to divide and conquer, since we have two really big outside projects that need our attention.

Project #1

The “reclaim the storage room project” involves combing through boxes and bags, whilst simultaneously  depleting the piles of carp that have overtaken our (not-s0) little space. I had made a pile for the yard sale that never happened, a pile for the consignmen sale that won’t happen until August and a pile of already-purchased Christmas gifts. This, of course, was in the storage room. We also had shelf after shelf of boxes full of things we moved from our apartment when we bought our house nearly four years ago.

I plowed through the mess today, setting aside things to keep, to toss and to donate. While there’s still much more to do — the previous owners left a pile of bricks in there, for example — I made a lot of progress. For one, we can actually walk in there now. I filled all three of our big trash cans (the truck comes tomorrow, hence my decision to undertake this job today), in addition to a giant pile of boxes filled with junk. I also hauled a van full of stuff to Goodwill (conveniently located less than two miles from my house). Ah, feels good!

Completing the job hinges on another project: the garage organization project. There’s some planning and purchasing to do for that one, but it’s coming.

Project #2

I put the boys to work on  the really messy, physical job: tearing down the patio enclosure. I know that may seem strange, since I think most folks actually want a screened-in patio. Trust me; you wouldn’t want this one.

We had one some rose-colored glasses when we bought this house, our first. We overlooked some things we shouldn’t have, namely some “home-improvement projects” that were shoddily constructed. Like the screened-in patio, which has gone from run down to dilapidated in a very short amount of time. How the walls of something can mildew when there has barely been any rain in three years, I don’t know. It’s just been a big ol’ eyesore and I finally decided to do something about it.

But first, let me tell you how poorly this thing was put together: Last week I went out there with a hammer and pried off the interior paneling in five minutes. It just came off like I was slicing butter with a hot knife.

Today, I gave the boys some work gloves, rubber mallets and hammers and a few instructions (“Don’t hit your brother with any tools. Or any wood. Look before you swing, lest you hit your brother and incur the wrath of Mom. Make sure you don’t hit any major support beams, lest Mom come out here to find your lifeless bodies buried underneath the wreckage of the deck and my broken patio table.” “I told you Mom cared more about the patio table than us!” Darn tootin’!)

Apparently, I just need to find things for them to demolish on a daily basis because I don’t think they argued the entire time they were working. Seriously. And they really worked, too. All of the walls are down, the door is off the frame and most of the smaller support pieces have been ripped out. There’s still a long way to go, as I knew there would be. It’s definitely not a one-day job.

When it’s all ripped out, I’m going to scrub down the concrete pad and the back of the house to get everything all clean and shiny. Then I’ll paint the concrete and possibly the back door. Some new furniture, plants and a few other things, and a nice little outdoor lounging spot we’ll have! It’s a surprise for my sweetie (honey, if you are reading this …. SURPRISE!) and I can’t wait to get it all finished.


4 Responses to “Home Improvement Part Deux”

  1. Megan

    Wow, that’s sure a lot of work going on around there. I am working up a sweat just reading about it.

  2. Jessica Chapman

    Wow– I reorganized my craft closet today– and I’m tired. I can just imagine how TIRED you are!!!!!!!

  3. Jen

    You are the greatest wife! I need to do a lot around this house, like reorganize and put papers collecting on our counters somewhere. Good thing you have some handy helpers!

  4. heidi

    i have a storage spot just like that! good for you getting it onto your list EVEN!!!

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