The Fun, It Just Don’t Stop

Posted On June 6, 2007

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Both boys were soundly sleeping this morning (as was their sister), so I opted to let them skip their final Tuesday cross country practice. Instead, I headed downstairs to work on the closet under the stairs aka my craft closet.

I love this space, I really do. It just has become a depository for miscellaneous items during the past four years. I periodically clean it out but have not really gotten into serious trashing and sorting since I moved the bulk of my craft stash down there three years ago. (Prior to that, I had a whole craft room … but the darling Miss L took over that space. I think I got a pretty good deal there!) Actually, given some of what I found today, I didn’t really do that much when I moved, either. One box looked as if I just swept my hand across the tabletop and then taped it shut to hide the mess.

“Purge” was the word for today. During the course of my craftiness, I have become quite the collector. There’s a reason this blog is called “Confessions of a Craft Addict.” I am most definitely addicted to crafting. Unfortunately, I rarely stick with anything for the long term. (Scrapbooking holds the record at approximately 10 year, although my interest does ebb and flow.)

My accumulation of items is really sad, since the majority of these things have been unused for years. And years. Rather than let them continue to occupy precious space in my life, I decided to whittle down to just those things I need and really plan to use. I’ve said before that I feel liberated by purging objects and that was the case again today. Even when I was scrapbooking on a weekly basis, I really wasn’t that into cutesy stickers. Kind of makes you wonder why on earth I would buy so many of them. Glass pebbles? What was I planning to do with those? My collection of Anna Griffin ribbons and ribbon corners? Those are keepers.

In the end, I managed to condense everything into two trays of rubber stamps (from nine), one drawer of objects and tools, and possibly one container of inks, embossing powders and PearlEx (just because it’s so expensive to replace all of it for just one or two projects). I’ve also dumped the photographs and negatives from three cardboard boxes and four under-the-bed boxes into appropriate archival photo storage boxes (four and counting). I’ve got the larger memorabilia and pics in one of the plastic boxes, but I need to really go through and decide what to keep and what to toss before I commit.

The closet is mostly empty at the moment, since everything remains strewn about the den. I’m hoping to wrap it up tomorrow and find a new home for all the various and sundry items, since the current state of being makes it impossible for me to do anything else downstairs. I’m really excited about getting everything organized and accessible. It’s really going to make my creative life so much easier.

Maybe when it’s all done, I’ll take a picture to share my hard work.


9 Responses to “The Fun, It Just Don’t Stop”

  1. Angelina

    I’m going to be doing this soon too. I love the feeling I get from really cleaning up and out. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. AngelaS

    Oooh, ooh. Send me the stickers. That’s about my level of scrapbooking. LOL Fast, cheap and easy. Hmm…kinda like my cooking….. I’m seeing a trend… 😛

  3. heidi

    keep going girlie! then can you come over and do mine?!

  4. katie

    Oh, I can totally relate. I have some many odds and ends everywhere. I really need to “purge” too.

  5. Jen

    I cannot believe how much stuff you are getting done. Jeepers! Will you stop already!

  6. Laurie

    Good for you to get cleaning! I am in the middle of that, too….I admit, it’s much for fun to create, than to pack it up……..good luck!

  7. Jessica

    Ok… so I’m not the ONLY one with a Harry Potter closet full of craft stuff! :)))) I am still working on mine… I’m thinking about paint!!! Oh, and also, I LOVE Anna Griffin!!!!!!!!! I have some really cool vellum scrapbook pages of hers. Do you scrapbook?

  8. Jessica

    Oh yes you scrapbook, duh, I just read it in the post! Anyway, let me know if you want some of these pages– I’d love to swap for ribbon :0)

  9. Laurie

    yay……keep it up…..i feel like i am constantly in a sorting, cleaning, crafting state of mind lately. *sigh* Doe’s it ever get cleaned up totally? 🙂

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