My Kicks

Posted On June 7, 2007

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My favorite summer sneakers, purchased last year from Zappos after much hunting and searching. I was unable to find them locally, in both the size and color I wanted. I’m not quite sure why these were a “must have” for me. I have not owned a pair of Converse since high school. Yet I could not get these out of my head. Yesterday, I teamed them with my favorite jeans from Forth & Towne (sniff sniff whine) and my Rock & Roll Mom tee from Peace Love Mom. I felt so stylin’!


12 Responses to “My Kicks”

  1. Sara

    Those shoes are GREAT!

  2. heidi

    you are a pinnacle of style my dear and i MUST havbe those shoes!

  3. Jessica Chapman

    Cool shoes AND shirts. …also I love the photo… very cool.
    I do need to go shopping, I’ve become “Shabby Mommy” this summer, as I’m doing so many projects, etc.. and since I don’t have a “job” to report to, who needs anything but a ponytail? LOL!

  4. Megan

    Fantastic colour.

  5. Happy Zombie


  6. Heidi

    Way cool. I haven’t seen that fabric before.

    My mom always though I should be the kind of girl who loved shoes. Then I found Chucks.

  7. Rachel

    I’m sorry. My keyboard just shorted out. Must have been all the drool ….

    ADORE the shoes! Amazing! Insanely jealous! 🙂

  8. Jen

    Those are great Mary! I haven’t had a pair of chucks in soooo long. I think I must go buy some. 🙂

  9. Angelina

    I love those Converse shoes! I can’t wear them because they have NO support at all and also make my feet smell.

    I know you wanted to know that.

  10. lakehouseholly

    Loving your shoes and your blog…wait till you see Megan’s official LHDG shoes on her new blog next week……this must be the summer of amazing tennis shoes.



  11. Sadira

    Converse seem like the perfect shoes any time of year!!

  12. capello

    cute kicks!

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