Connected by a Thread

Posted On June 19, 2007

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While shopping at JoAnn’s today, I saw a woman pushing a cart. Inside the cart, was the cutest little passenger, clothed in Heather Ross fabric. I couldn’t help myself; I had to comment on the dress and compliment her choice of fabric. (Only later did it cross my mind that it could have been a custom she’d bought — but it was a craft/sewing store, so I guess the odds were on my side.) Then I recognized the pattern used for the dress, which just thrilled me to no end.

I stood there for a good 10 or 15 minutes, my arms full of fabric bolts, chatting with her about fabrics and patterns and sewing. And it was so cool! I really do love talking about sewing and creating, and it was great to meet someone who not only enjoyed those things but also had similar tastes and interests. It really reinforced my love for sewing and all things crafty because of the connections it helps me make not only with my family and friends, but other people I meet, too.


4 Responses to “Connected by a Thread”

  1. Jen

    That’s neat to talk with someone about fabric and such. I love to help people in Joann’s find fabric for a certain project. Well…they always come up to me to know what I would think. Which I find strange when I am looking frazzled with three kids in tow. But it makes me feel good when someone thinks I have some taste. 🙂

  2. craftapple

    I’m sure she was just as thrilled to talk to you! And flattered that you recognized her fabric and pattern. How fun. I only have one friend that sews and we fabric shop sometimes, but with 6 kids between us, we don’t get to go that often.

  3. Jessica Chapman

    SOOO COOL! Don’t you just LOVE that! ?
    Makes you want to be near some of your blog readers, don’t it! 🙂

  4. heidi

    just got home from joanns! big sale. they took all of my money. and i had three of those wonderful conversations in the process!

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