Posted On June 20, 2007

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Some things are worth doing the right way. Like walking 10 steps to the craft closet, opening the door, walking in and picking up the sewing machine manual off the bookshelf.

I decided to work with my twin needle today and opted to download the manual directly from Brother. Instead of rockin’ and rollin’ with my twin-needle-topstitching self, I ended up frustrated, thread tied and broken (needles, that is). Eventually, I figured it out myself but I could have saved myself a lot of frustration by lifting my lazy rear out of the chair in the first place.

And now I need to buy more twin needles, since I broke every single one I own. The price for stupidity? $15.


4 Responses to “Shortcuts”

  1. foolsewoode

    crud…sometimes I scream and yell at the sewing machine (cause it’s so naughty!) I’m sure it’s not me at all…

  2. Zabrina

    You made me remember the time my machine would not work. I had sewed many pieces of felt…The thread would…how do you say? Get all messed up down there, near the bobin…The Internet told me the solution, actually a sewing forum did. I should clean all inside often. Any dust can make it stop! It needs also some oil…so since that time, I’ve been following the ritual. Machine is working good!

  3. Jen

    I am kind of scared to use a twin needle….seems weird to me, like making a button hole. I am scared….

  4. Jess

    This is too funny! I SO have been there!

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