Warm and Gooey

Posted On June 28, 2007

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Honey and I share a fondness for s’mores. And, really, what’s not to love? Melty chocolate, gooey marshmallow and a little crunch. Yummmmm.

Actually, my sweet husband introduced me to the joys of having peanut butter on a s’more and that makes them even better.  (While they’re tasty without, I can’t help but think something is missing. Peanut butter, you complete my s’mores!)

I rhapsodize about my dessert to share a little funny — at my expense.

We’re pretty lazy here in the ol’ Craft Addict house and many a s’more is made … in the microwave. Horrors! I made one last night and Honey asked how much time to set the microwave for his.

“Thirty seconds — but keep an eye on it because I took mine out after 12.”

“Wouldn’t it be smarter to just set the timer for 12 seconds?” he asked.

Maybe. But doesn’t that take the interactive quality out of the experience?


7 Responses to “Warm and Gooey”

  1. Jen

    Yum…Mary what time do you wake up in the morning to write on your blog?! 🙂 I will have to try pb on some s’mores!

  2. Sadira

    Oh…peanut butter on s’mores? I MUST try it…I love s’mores! And, since you’re microwaving them, I think it is most important for you to be interactive, since they’re not on a coat hangar over and open fire…it would just take the fun out of it.

  3. heidi

    my hubby wrpas a s’more in alluminum foil and throws them on the grill after everything else is done. mmmmmmm!

  4. katie

    haha, that is totally something I would do! Except, I’d probably forget to tell my husband that I took it out after 12.

    Now I want a s’more. grrrrr

  5. Erica

    MMM I just might have to give that a try! Sounds heavenly!

  6. Angelina

    I think it’s been twenty years since the last s’mores I had. Wow. Maybe I’ll have to whip up a few!

  7. Jessica

    Miss Mary. I had to share with you that I read this when you posted it and thought to myself that I had to try it! Last night, I made smores for myself and tried it with PB- YUM YUM YUM! I just had to tell you that it was a WONDERFUL gooey pleasure! Thanks for sharing!!

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