Posted On July 1, 2007

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Last night I was able to live out one of my teenage-girl fantasies. Even better, it satisfied one of my thirtysomething-mom fantasies: It was free!

A little background: Honey and I are annual donors to the local arts center. We both feel pretty strongly about supporting the arts and both the firms he’s worked for are neighbors to the center and take part in an annual fundraising campaign. For the past three years, we’ve thrown a little money their way. In return, we get a discount on membership and gift-shop goodies, plus the occasional event ticket.

Which is how we ended up at an ’80s flashback concert on a Friday night. We got a query on Monday or Tuesday, asking if anyone was interested in tickets to see Rick Springfield & Friends. Heck, yeah! I didn’t care if they were lawn seats (they were), I wanted to go. I had the most ginormous crush on Rick Springfield back in the day. Not only was he cute and could act (Dr. Noah Drake!) but he played the guitar and could siiiiiiiiing.

The venue is an open-air amphitheater and concert goers can bring in food and drinks. There also are two catering companies who deliver food to the venue. I opted to pick up some food from Wolfgang Puck Express plus dessert from the Kroger bakery (yummy chocolate lava cakes), which brought the dinner cost way down ($26) from the catering options. Not that I mind paying for catering — we’ve done it before — but I’d rather not pay $80 for a dinner I’m not that excited about and nothing on the menu seemed all that interesting.

We set up our beach chair/blankets on the slope, which gave us a nice view of the stage apron. Honey came straight from work, so he was wearing nice loafers, khaki slacks and a polo. I, however, had the benefit of a teenage fashion consult — aka my oldest son — who picked out my cute Rock & Roll Mom tee and olive green cargo shorts.

The concert included Patty Smythe with Scandal and also Eddie Money. Patty Smythe? Smoking hot. Seriously. And she has six kids! Sounded amazing and did a great job working the crowd. Eddie Money was OK; I didn’t realize how many of his songs I knew until last night. He appears to be suffering from an advanced case of oldmanrumpitis, though.

Rick Springfield was fantastic! Even in the pouring rain. Really worked the crowd. And he sounded great — really great voice and just as cute as ever. *sigh* Honey was so sweet to take me and then sit in the rain. He never complained once and I know he really could have cared less to see any of the acts.  For just a little while, I was again a teenager, 14 and singing along as loud as I could. One more thing to cross off the list — and I loved every minute of it.


8 Responses to “Fourteen”

  1. Jen

    “Jesse’s girl…”

  2. katie

    aww I was thinking the same thing Jessie’s Girl.. even though that was “before my time”. I still love that song!

  3. Sadira

    How lucky you are! I loved Rick Springfield…he had the cutest tushie (oh my!)

  4. Kuky

    oldmanrumpitis? ha ha ha! I read that the first time and it didn’t register. I just thought oh some weird old disease. I just got it right now as I was writing my comment. That’s such a funny word. I keep laughing and laughing.

    Your honey was very sweet to take you.

  5. heidi

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! scream! you lucky girl!

  6. lisa

    Oh wow, sounds like a blast! the 80’s seem to be a running theme lately…LOL

  7. capello

    ooooooo… sounds fun.

    now i’m jealous.

  8. Angelina

    I don’t like any of those performers but can totally appreciate what a fun night you had! I’m happy you got to have a flashback night.

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