Baby Bonanza

Posted On July 9, 2007

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My late mother was quite the crafty gal. Pretty much any craft you can think of, she could and did do. Much of her focus, however, was on crochet. I have tubs and tubs full of crocheted blankets she made in the weeks leading up to her death (six years ago, come December). I saved the last baby blanket she made — it was supposed to be a gift for a friend of mine — because I could not bear to give it away. (It now belongs to my daughter.)

Mom longed for a granddaughter and would have been over the moon to have this little bitty of mine to spoil. It makes me sad sometimes to think about what Miss L is missing but I’m so grateful that my sons had an Oma in their lives for as long as they did.

G called me while I was out running errands with his brother and sister to mention that he’d brought in all the mail. “You’ve got a LOT of packages, Mom.” Well, that’s to be expected, since I bought a lot of stuff online last week.

I was surprised, however, to find a package from my cousin Mary in the foyer. (Quick segue: Yes, I have a first cousin with the same first name. It’s never bothered me one bit and our families have never had a problem keeping us straight.) She and her family are getting ready to move across the country; while she was packing she came across some things she thought my daughter would like.

Things my mother had made for Mary’s daughter when she was younger (she turned 16 in May).

A baby doll with four crocheted doll  outfits — including hats, mittens and booties — plus tiny baby blankets. All made by my mother and in pristine condition. I was still pulling things out of the box when Liesl started yelling, “I need my baby sister!” and trying to grab the doll from the pile. If I had to guess, I’d say she likes it.

Two of the most important people in my life were brought a little closer together today. While they may never meet, it warms my heart to know that they’re not that far apart.


14 Responses to “Baby Bonanza”

  1. JaimeM

    Wow, I happened upon your blog today and what a touching post I just read! Such a great package to receive and I am glad your daughter seems to like it all too.

  2. Kuky

    How wonderful that your cousin kept all those lovingly handmade items. And now Liesl will be able to cherish them.

  3. AngelaS

    Awwww! How sweet of your cousin to send them to you.

    My mom would’ve loved having granddaughters too. She’s been gone 12 years as of last month.

  4. Christi

    Wow, Mary, what a great idea your cousin had in returning them to you. And the doll sounds fantastic and it’s cool the Miss L took a prompt liking to them. Ya nearly made me cry at the end 😉

  5. Jen

    Gosh that reminds me of my grandmother. She would crochet all the time and how nice to receive a package with those sweet memories.

  6. heidi

    now that gets great cousin points. what an awesome and touching story. oh geez. you made me get all emotional!

  7. Jessica

    SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFLE! Wow, what an awesome story, and great stuff!!!

  8. lisa

    Getting a little teary eyed here….thanks for sharing such a touching story, and what a treasure trove! (love the new banner by the way!)

  9. Stephanie

    Oh Mary! What a beautiful gift to open today! Your mom was a talented woman she would be so proud to see everything you have accomplished!

  10. Sadira

    Oh, I’m so glad that people still save things!

  11. Zabrina

    Oooh, I wish I could see the photo. It’s not showing for me here…
    but thanks for visiting and thanks for writing this post. It’s nice to hear from people!

  12. Junk 2 Jewels

    What a touching story! And Im SURE, they will meet someday! when nothing will tear them apart ever again!!! How sweet it will be. Tracy

  13. Angelina

    What a sweet story. It’s sad that your girl didn’t get to meet her grandma but very cool that she has such wonderful things to connect with her anyway.

  14. Helena

    this is so sweet, you are so lucky to have such wonderful memories

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