I’m Dating Myself

Posted On July 9, 2007

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I’m loving the monthly desktop calendar pages from Shabby Princess. They are so fun to use and definitely makes my life easier, since I’m always forgetting what day it is — never mind the date! I have to admit that I took these pictures in May, at the preschool’s water play day. But I think bathing suits and bubbles are definitely appropriate for July. You know, if it were actually cool enough to go outside and we weren’t under water restrictions so we could play in the baby pool.


8 Responses to “I’m Dating Myself”

  1. Jen

    I love the new look. The target bottle is hilarious! Maybe a soft yellow or green would work instead of the red. I think it may be overpowering a bit.

  2. heidi

    a few things. love the red. totally keep it. the dress…awesome. the pants. even better. the calendar…you really have been busy!

  3. capello

    egads, love the page.

  4. capello

    hey, can’t find the desktop calendar thingy on their site? where is it? 🙂

  5. Helena

    her pigtails are killing me and the desktop calendar is cute too!

  6. Jen

    You know what? The red is working now,,,,maybe it was too early in the morning for me to stare at red. But I like it.

  7. Kuky

    Desktop calendar, cool! And I don’t think the red is too overpowering. It’s because you have this white here. If it was just text on red then yes that would be overpowering and hard to read. The red ties in with the the target pharmacy bottle. But you know what would be hilarious? Instead of red, pills! Ha ha!

  8. Sadira

    What a great page…and it totally cools me off just looking at it!

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