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Posted On July 12, 2007

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I embarked on a hunt recently for a camera bag. Not just any bag; I wanted a camera bag that didn’t necessarily look like a camera bag. It’s pretty easy to find one — if you have a point-n-shoot camera. I found the search a bit more challenging, since I’m currently toting a Canon 30D.

For those times when I need to haul around all my gear (and I have copious amounts of stuff), I have a great Canon backpack my parents sent for my birthday last year. There are times, though, when I only need my camera and one of my smaller lenses, and I wanted a bag that fit the condensed gear list — plus my wallet, keys and a couple of other items.

When in doubt, head to Etsy.

It was there I came across Kathryn’s store, Zakiyaa. She had a custom camera bag listing and I convo’d her to talk about options. I sent her a couple of yards of upholstery-weight fabric I had in my stash and she sent me back this:

Isn’t it beautiful? Kathryn made it to the dimensions I sent, which were of my camera and it’s 35mm lens. I loaded it up last night to carry it to my first photography class (more on that later) and it easily held my wallet, change purse, camera manual, WhiBal card and lens cleaning brush. (My cellphone would have fit in there, too, had I not left it at home.) I can wrap the strap around me to carry it messenger-bag style and the flap stays closed thanks to two snaps.

I just want to carry it everywhere!


16 Responses to “Pretty Things”

  1. Katie

    amazing! It’s so beautiful!

  2. Kim (OliveJuice)

    How CUTE is that camera bag?!! Love it! Thanks for visiting my little blog. 🙂
    All the best~

  3. Jen

    Etsy is so cool….what a great bag.

  4. heidi

    you could only find something like that on etsy. awesome!!!!

  5. Heidicrafts

    And you can wear it with your Chucks!

    (Really, I do think of more than just tennis shoes…)

  6. Christi

    OMG, Mary, this is stunning! I love love love the fabric and the colors! WOW! Truly amazing! Do tell more about this photography class…….. I’m keen to do one as well 😉

  7. JaimeM

    Love it! Etsy is a GREAT place to find things.

  8. missy

    I’m so jealous! I’m too cheap to buy a good camera bag… I buy a big purse and throw it in and pray for the best! LOLOL! Not so jealous of the sick baby tho! LOL!

  9. Sadira

    Whoa…that is amazing!

  10. Helena

    OMG I am so jealous, it’s beautiful

  11. capello

    VERY cute!

    so is the table. love it.

  12. Kuky

    That is beautiful! and wow all that gear! Did you have all that before your photography class? See…still catching up on my reading. And I must read in chronological order. Maybe my question is already answered in the newer post I scrolled past… 😀

  13. Sara

    What a beautiful camera bag! Much prettier than the utilitarian ones at the camera store. Great idea! (found your blog through a comment you left on Beebee Mod)

  14. Tonya

    love that bag…great fabric! Thanks for your hello on my blog!

  15. kathryn

    thank you for blogging about the bag i made for you, i am so glad that you like it 🙂

  16. ember999

    I so do love that camera bag, wish I could commission one to be made, it’s awesome, enjoy x

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