Homework 1.1

Posted On July 16, 2007

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Josh could not understand why I wanted to take a picture of his “ugly runner’s feet” the other day. I think it will be an adequate image from my homework (“water”). The uploaded version looks so … flat and blah. Any color tips from the pros? I’d like to get the image as perfect as possible for my class Wednesday night.


6 Responses to “Homework 1.1”

  1. capello

    it looks like the shadow was cast on you. the object should be facing the sun, you facing shade.

  2. capello

    also, since it’s so sunny, a polarizing lens would help a ton too.

  3. Christi

    You could always try a different positioning, Mary. Maybe squat? Or move more to the side so you can see his prominent ‘leg shadow’. Or yes, putting him towards the sun could work too. I like the shadow though. Are you allowed to alter it with photo software?

  4. Kari

    I’m not a pro photographer, but maybe a slightly different angle/leg position. I think it will catch more of the light reflection on the surface of the water to contrast with the shadows from his legs would do the trick. You might only be able to see below the surface of the water where the shadows are if the surface is reflecting all the light. That would be cool! You are so close to an awesome photo!

  5. AngelaS

    Wow, he’s got big feet! How’s that for a professional opinion?? 🙂

  6. Jen

    I always like the shot looking down from above. I did that with my daughter and my feet and it looked cool as the water was rushing in.

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