Wanted: One House Elf

Posted On July 17, 2007

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I’ve been staring down a pile of laundry for the past few days and have finally given in. Honey, bless his heart, started working on it Saturday. Can someone explain to me the logic of putting folded laundry on top of a pile of unfolded laundry? No? Me, either.

My sewing pile is over my head but I’ve not had a chance to sew in days. I think it’s a combination of being overwhelmed and being distracted: TV, the computer, the kids. Right now my biggest obstacle is housekeeping. I find it nearly impossible to focus on a task if the house is in a disarray.

Which is why I’m off to finish folding the laundry, then washing dishes and probably running the vac, too. It’s all in the name of making progress.

Oh, and just a reminder to comment on the Milestones post for your chance to get free stuff!


6 Responses to “Wanted: One House Elf”

  1. littledresses

    uuuggghhhh…..Laundry! I HATE laundry! It just never ends! I am pretty mowed over with sewing right now too. Do we crafters ever get caught up? Hey good luck on your cleaning day, hope you get all caught up.

  2. JaimeM

    I am so with you on the laundry deal. Been staring a pile down myself. If you locate one of those house elves, feel free to send it my way too! 🙂

  3. Megan

    When you find that elf, send him over here. I’m feeling exactly the same way.

  4. heidi

    if you find a houe elf could you send it this way?

  5. Kuky

    oh how I would love a house elf! Well Alan helps with the laundry quite a lot. But no folding. Just washing. But hey that’s better than nothing! 🙂

  6. Helena

    I always say that I love my husband, but I need a wife, y’know someone who can cook and clean and fold and go food shopping while I spend my days crafting, oooohhh a girl’s gotta dream right?

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