Deja Vu

Posted On July 18, 2007

Filed under Confession, Photography

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A few people have commented that the first picture in my most recent Homework post has them stumped. Without further adieu …


Here ’tis in all it’s inflated, water-spraying glory. Purchased at the $100 Store and finally used last week, much to the glee of that little blonde cutie. I left it draped over the front steps to finish draining and found it all droplet-covered and bright, just begging to be photographed.


One Response to “Deja Vu”

  1. Kirsten

    My son has that same pool and really digs it! We have taken pictures of him in it and the colors seem to reflect onto him while he’s sitting in it. Very cool! This year though we got a second pool that has a race track printed on the bottom and came with two cars, so that’s been the one that’s been dragged out the most. I like your blog! Your sewing skills are impeccable as well as the fabric choices you pick for them, keep up the good work!

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