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Posted On July 18, 2007

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In the spirit of giving back …

Some of y’all have known me for a while, so you’re pretty familiar with my story. Still, there are more than a few folks who have not been bored to tears by my workplace tales: Before I was full-time crafty mom, I was a journalist. I’ve been in the business for almost 17 years (as of next month). Crazy, eh?

So here’s the deal. The New York Times published a story last week about the resurgence of crafting.  (BTW, I believe the link will only work until Thursday, so if you haven’t read it, hop to it.) Now, the features editors of many smaller papers will see that story and go “Ah ha! We could localize this pretty easily!” How do I know this? Because I’ve been a features editor (among many other titles).

Got a crafty business? Are you just really crafty and don’t mind seeing your name and picture in the local fishwrap paper? Take the above link, head to your paper’s web site and find the email address of the features editor (could also be “lifestyles editor” or “home and garden editor” — you get the picture). Write a brief email offering yourself as a potential source if they plan to do any similar stories. You want to be friendly and approachable but not overly self promotional.



I came across a recent article in the New York Times (link here) about the growing interest in crafts like sewing and knitting. I could really relate to the story because I took my first sewing class last year. If you or another writer on your staff are planning a similar story, I’d be more than willing to share my experiences as a “crafty gal.” I mostly sew purses and clothing for my kids. I even made 25 reusable grocery bags for both my family and to give to friends this Christmas! I can be reached during the day at … if you’d like to get in touch with me.



P.S. I really enjoyed Sunday’s story about hydrangeas. I’ve been wondering if they’re suited to our climate and look forward to employing your tips to grow them in my yard.

Less good:

Jane, I having been sewing and selling tote bags at craft fairs and on FOREVER. You should definitely profile me and my business if you’re writing about hobbies and crafts. I don’t normally read your paper, so I don’t know if you’ve written anything about it lately or not. The New York Times did a good story on it but I think it should have gone into more about the business of crafting, since a lot of people like me are trying to be full-time moms and bring money into the household without going back to work. You can call me tomorrow to interview me. My number is …


Now, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get interviewed. Heck, you might not even get a reply to your email. But you won’t know unless you try. Good luck!


9 Responses to “This One’s On Me”

  1. capello

    you know, i would… but the cursing, the cursing… will totally come back to bite me in the ass…

  2. Helena

    wow, great idea and info, I think that’s so cool that you were a journalist my major in school was English and I went to the CT. School of Broadcasting because I wanted to be the next Barbara Walters. That dream quickly changed when I learned that most people start on that career path at an early age while still living at home and could take unpaid internships, but I was living on my own and a girl’s gotta eat!

  3. Jen

    You are so cool for sharing. Thanks! I just sent one to our local paper because I am a fruitcake? We’ll see!

  4. knittingcaboodle

    That’s a great tip and I had to laugh about the two styles of plugging yourself.

  5. craftapple

    Wow, Ms. Former Journalist. What a great post! And funny, too. :o) You must have a wealth of information stored up from your former life. I guess we all do, but journalist? That’s really cool.

  6. Claire Falkingham

    Loved this post, it’s got me thinking about some articles I’ve seen locally here in Sydney. Thanks for sharing.

  7. lisa

    Hey, thanks for the inside info, I’ll have to try that. The second letter wasn’t so good, but it made me laugh!

  8. Jessica

    Hey Mary, what’s your Etsy shop name/ seller name? 🙂

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