Change It Up

Posted On July 21, 2007

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Anyone who wants free stuff has a little more time to add a comment to the Milestones post. I was going to do the drawing this morning but my dad just called to tell me they are coming to visit us. TODAY. They told me yesterday that they were going to be here tomorrow afternoon, which already had thrown my weekend schedule into a tizzy. You can only imagine how delighted I am at this turn of events.

Off to clean my house!


7 Responses to “Change It Up”

  1. JaimeM

    Yikes! That’s always a fun last minute kinda deal. Happy cleaning! (okay, is cleaning really a happy thing…maybe the results are?!)

  2. heidi

    oh good grief!! clean on girlfriend!


    I despise cleaning… I just like to make messes!

    I love the previous post where your child tells your husband you went to the fabric store. Kids tell all… especially when you say, “Don’t tell daddy!”
    Joni (who just got back from ‘todays’ fabric buying splurge

  4. Jen

    I heart in-laws. 🙂

  5. Sara's Texture Crafts

    I’ve had great fun reading this blog – thank you for sharing. Sara x

  6. luvbug1975


    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing that tip about how to approach your local paper with ideas for a feature article. My husband and I have a pond management service and have been thinking of offering to write some little recurring tidbit related to fish, water, ponds, etc. for our paper. We just weren’t really sure how to get our feet wet. Thanks again!

  7. Jessica

    Hey– Glad someone else in the world uses the word “tizzy”.

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