Posted On July 30, 2007

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I entered the summer with this sort of vague deadline looming over my head. A pile of sewing needed to be done, but I had weeks and weeks.

Guess what?

I have until Wednesday to wrap up a seemingly bottomless pile of sewing. I have lots of things cut but even more to cut, and of course all of it needs to be sewn.

And that’s where I am, if anyone’s wondering. See y’all in a few days!


4 Responses to “Pressure”

  1. Jessica

    I totally understand– I blinked and my summer is almost over!!!!!!! Have fun. Hope you’re listening to some great podcasts to keep you company!

  2. littledresses

    Know how you feel. I’m feelin that mad rush right about now too, my twin baby shower and the twin dresses and booties and……..

  3. Angelina

    Are these professional deadlines or self imposed deadlines? If they’re self imposed perhaps you could change them?

    good luck!!

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