Homework 2.2

Posted On August 1, 2007

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The other two photographs I need to include in this week’s homework are one showing the use of flash and one using this zoom technique. I ended up grabbing one I took in February for the flash pic:

That’s my sister in law with Miss L, during a trip back home in February. We were out to dinner at the time and I was playing around with the flash. I’m pretty pleased with the lighting and think it looks pretty natural.

Here’s my zoom shot:

Thank goodness for the Internet and the kindness of bloggers, because I was just not getting this technique. (It involves switching the camera to manual focus and snapping the picture while zooming in or out with a zoom lens.) The very sweet Capello gave me some tips and thus this photo became an addition to my homework. It’s a neat technique but I don’t know if I have the patience to master it. Who am I kidding? I have no patience to do much of anything, which is why I was getting so frustrated with both the zooming and panning portion of the homework. (Procrastination is also my downfall and may or may not have played a role in my frustration level, as well.)

In other news, I finished the last six preschooler totes today and sewed two pairs of toddler pants (one still needs a waistband) before heading off to the pool with the bunny for a play date.  I have an appointment at 6 and then class at 8:15, so it’s unlikely that I’ll get any more sewing done today. Which means I’ll be back at it bright and early tomorrow!


7 Responses to “Homework 2.2”

  1. capello

    the buttons picture came out AWESOME!

  2. Kuky

    I’ve been catching up on my blog reading as you can probably tell.

    Both those pictures are cool. My pictures using flash are always crap. I don’t think they ever look good like that one. I know I need to take a class. I would learn how to take proper pictures then.

    And the effect with the zoom one is so trippy. I like it.

  3. heidi

    okay. love the pics. and the sewing over the past few days. you truly are a master of many domains now!

  4. JaimeM

    Those are some nifty techniques you’ve been learning! I have always wanted to do more with photography…you are very inspiring!

  5. Jessica

    Both pics are awesome!!!!! Did you make the outfit that Ms. L is in?

  6. Corrine

    WOW! I can’t even tell the first one is flash! That’s really good. I hate using flash because I feel it takes away the whole “natural” feeling, ya know? Both pics are great..

  7. Sadira

    Oh…love the zoom picture! Makes me want to pause and try that with my own camera!

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