That Star Quality

Posted On August 4, 2007

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This was too much fun:


7 Responses to “That Star Quality”

  1. Christi

    Wow, you got some pretty hot ones there, Mary!!! I’m going to have to try. But I probably no look alikes lol, I’m one of a kind 😉 Or just pitifully ugly lol.

  2. Jessica

    Cute!!! :)))

  3. Jen

    Oh My! Geena Davis is the closest I think….how funny.

  4. lisa

    woo hoo, you are hot!

  5. Sadira

    Wow…Geena Davis is really close…if all doesn’t work out with your current life, I say go to Hollywood, and see if you could be her body double! 😉

  6. jane

    just found your blog today… I was looking at your post from June about your organized closet… I am soooo needing your help! Do you travel?!? lol

    I have a question…. what is the width of the closet under your steps? I have a very similar closet that is soooo under used. Just wondering if my closet has that kind of potential.

    Now that it is almost 2 months later… are you still organized or have you gone back to your old ways?

    i’ll be back! Have a GREAT Sunday afternoon!

  7. heidi

    that is a hoot!!! love it!

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