My Baby Ballerina

Posted On August 8, 2007

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Today was Miss L’s first day of ballet class. She’s actually in pre-ballet with three other girls under the age of five — one of whom is her best friend. They looked adorable in their little pink leotards, tights and ballet shoes, their hair pulled back like the big girls.

I couldn’t let the occasion pass without making a little something special, so I used the prettiest ballerina velour from Painting Red Rhinos to make this sweet skirt for her from the 01/04 Ottobre:

I’m going to cut out a matching jacket and I think I may have enough to make a pair of pants for her, too.


9 Responses to “My Baby Ballerina”

  1. Jessica

    How cute! My little one starts her first ballet class this Sat. I’m so excited for her, she is thrilled about it! Cute CL outfit too- I LOVE that line!

  2. lisa

    She looks like a proper ballerina! So sweet! sniff, I’m thinking of 2 yrs. ago Liv’s first day of ballet, it goes by too fast!

  3. Jen

    Omigosh…she looks so old Mary! What a sweet little ballerina! 🙂

  4. rhembein

    OMGosh! Who is that sweet little ballerina?! Surely that can’t be the little Miss L I know!?! Wow! What a gorgeous girly!!!


  5. JaimeM

    That is just SO sweet! Whata cutie!

  6. Kuky

    Oh how cute! When I was little I wanted to take ballet classes. Now when Isabelle gets a little older she can take them!

  7. mermaids

    i have two boys so i missed out on the ballerina stuff. i love seeing little bitty ones dance around in leos & tights.

  8. Sadira

    She looks too cute! I started ballet when I was 4 and loved it…

  9. craftapple

    Look at her in her pink leo! Such a big girl!

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