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Posted On August 8, 2007

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My apologies for the extended blog break. I think I’m mostly caught up on my stuff for the store and thought I’d share a few pictures. Ready for the show?

I’m going to have to make a pair of these Zuma pants for Liesl. I just love the combination of Chocolate Lollipop fabrics. So fun and funky and girly. The hooded tee features appliques cut from the CL fabric.

Inside the preschooler tote. I took another stack on Sunday, including these two. I really love how they turned out. Not to worry — I made one for Miss L, too. She carries it everywhere.

I don’t usually sew boys’ clothing but I couldn’t let this fun fabric go to waste after I finished with tote bags! Comfy cotton pants with coordinating applique tees.

I really love this fun fabric and think it lends itself to aprons. I think I managed to get three finished and over to the store and I have a few more of different designs that I’m planning to whip up and take over. The girls just loved them (which made me smile BIG!).

Last but not least: a pillow. My sweet girl loves fairies and I thought she’d be crazy about a fairy pillow. I was right. 🙂 I’m not big on clothes with characters on them, but I figured a pillow was different. It came together really quickly, just washed, trimmed, folded and serged on two sides to make a fabric envelope to slide the pillow form into. It’s funny; my first sewing project was a pillow when I was a child and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Here it is, nearly 30 years later and I’m probably just as excited about making a pillow.


3 Responses to “Sew n Tell”

  1. Breanna

    Everything looks so sweet. I ADORE that apron!!!!

  2. Helena

    I’m dying over those pants and shirt, and need to make one for my niece, did you use a pattern?

  3. Angelina

    I can’t believe how much you’ve been getting done while I just lie around eating bon bons. Your projects look great!

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