Sassy in Skirts

Posted On August 10, 2007

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I love sewing skirts. They are so much fun and seem to come together faster than many of the things I sew. In the past couple of days, I’ve finished one for me and one for Miss L. First up is hers:

My cooperative model does, in fact, like her skirt. She was, however, more interested in watching Diego than having her picture made. Don’t you think the top is a great match? (Kidding!) Anyway … The floral baby cord is from Joann’s and I fondled it on several trips before finally buying a couple of yards. It’s really soft and so sweetly romantic. It’s my first time making a twirl skirt from corduroy and I’m pretty happy with how it turned it.

In the future, I think I would actually measure each layer before cutting and sewing. The top tier/waistband is actually too wide for my sweetie’s waist, so I had to really work in that elastic. The corduroy isn’t as drapey as a woven cotton, so the extra fullness isn’t as easily accommodated.  I used a velvet ribbon above each of the gathered tiers as accent — and I like it! I have a hard time embellishing but I’m trying to do more since I think it can really add something special to a piece.

Sexy shins, eh? LOL! The skirt is a pattern from Indygo Junction and is the same gore/bell shape cut out 10 times to make the skirt. The tracing/cutting is a pain but the sewing goes so fast, it’s definitely worth it. And I love how twirly the skirt is. The fabric is from Michael Miller. I had originally used a rolled hem but had some skipped stitches so I went back and did a fold-over hem. I already have two other fabrics washed and ready for making more.

Now, for the downside: The way the pieces need to be laid to cut the fabric without too much wasted yardage requires that you use a solid or non-directional print. I’d love to make one from baby cord but I’m having trouble figuring out the yardage since I’d have to work with the nap.

Oh, and I had to run to the quilt shop to buy another 3/4 yard of the fabric because I ran out with one panel left to cut. ONE. Gah. Looks like Miss L will get some kind of something from it. Or I’ll make a matching purse.


12 Responses to “Sassy in Skirts”

  1. Helena

    love them both, great job with the embellishing, looks great!

  2. Jessica

    Very cute!!!!…and I HAVE to say, I LOVE the walls behind Ms. L, the white and the dark blue. SOOO lovely– and so similar to my decorating tastes! 🙂 LOVE the fabric of YOUR skirt, by the way.

  3. Jessica

    Super cute skirts! Miss L’s coordinating ensemble is to die for! I especially love the color of your skirt and your shins look fine!

  4. heidi

    those skirts are tooooooo much!! i love them!

  5. Kuky

    Both skirts are lovely!

  6. AngelaS

    Love love LOVE L’s skirt! I’m heading to Joann’s to shamelessly copy you!

  7. Angelina

    Oh you’ve been a busy lady!! Both of the skirts look great. You know, taking fabric patterns into consideration has a great effect on how I design the garment patterns. It can make a huge difference in yardage used.

    Your little girl is so darn cute!

  8. Jen

    Skirts are addicting to make. They turned out great and wohoo for shins!

  9. marisa

    Your creations are very nice. I’m way to scared to make clothes, but you inspire me! I think there’s a skirt in my future somewhere. Maybe I should start w/ an apron.

  10. Leslie

    Beautiful! And Miss L. makes a lovely model. As do your shins.

  11. Steph

    cute skirts! All your sewing is beautiful! I am really envious!

  12. Sandi Henderson

    Oh I am loving that little number! Too cute!

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