Rock and Roll

Posted On August 12, 2007

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I’m tired, but it’s that good kind of tired that goes with spending a late evening out with friends, just listening to great music and having an amazing time. Friday night was one of those nights for us. Honey and I stayed out later than we have since we married nearly 10 years ago, finally rolling into our hotel at almost 2:30 a.m.

The occasion? My sister-in-law‘s first concert where she grew up. It meant convincing my husband to leave work early so we could (not really) beat rush hour traffic, driving four hours north and sneaking five people into a four-person-max hotel room (c’mon, she’s not even three — she hardly should count as a full person yet!) — so worth it!

Of course, nothing we do is without obstacles. We met up with my brother-in-law and his folks for dinner Friday night, picking a pub not far from the hotel and venue. We sat down, ordered drinks and placed our food orders. A few minutes later the waitress came back to tell us the cook had just walked out. Seriously. Have you ever heard of such a thing? ‘Cuz that’s a new one for me.

We wandered over to the square and tried to figure out where we could eat (all eight of us) without going broke or having to wait. Our group ended up at a cute little restaurant right next door to the show venue. Great choice. The cuisine was Italian but not chain-restaurant Italian; really fresh tasting ingredients, very light on the sauces — just enough to add flavor but not mask anything. I ordered a divine shrimp scampi with crisp little broccoli florets and perfectly cooked shrimp.

While we were eating and talking, my brother-in-law perked up and said he thought he heard one of his wife’s songs. Sure enough, she was doing her sound check next door. I dashed over for a minute to surprise her, which was totally worth it when she saw me walking up to her, mid lyric. Huge smile and big eyes, and then great big hugs when she finished. I just love that girl!

The show was great and I may have had an adult beverage or two while waiting for her to go on (two opening acts and she finally took the stage around 11:30 — loooong past my bedtime). I manned the video camera to shoot some footage for YouTube and her MySpace page. (Segue: Once upon a time, I was a video production assistant for a brief period. Learned lots and remembered some but apparently adult beverages trump some things — like doing a white balance and remembering that light is necessary to get quality video.)

Big Boys & Girls by Jenn Cristy at World Grotto

I have to admit that it felt weird not to have my camera with me. I opted to leave it at the hotel because I figured I’d have my hands full with the video camera (I did). Still, I watched one of her friends taking pictures and had a twinge of remorse for abandoning my little friend. Luckily, the show went well and the venue likely will have her back, so I’ll have another opportunity to give it a go.


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