One Down, One to Go

Posted On August 13, 2007

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Thanks for the help with my photos. I ended up taking more than I was supposed to, but I figured (rightly so) that I wouldn’t be the only one and that we could cruise through them pretty quickly.  All of them were well received, even the ones I thought were less good (I had to take one — took two — that was “bad” so we could get critiqued on how to improve it). All in all, it was a good learning experience. And I definitely got some print-and-hang-worthy photos from it.

My last Digital 102 class is Wednesday night and I also need to take photos for my final presentation, which may include a little crossover from this class.  Registration has started for the next session but I’m going to take a break because of all we have going on now that school has started for the boys.

Oh, and I opted to take the sleeping girl, head in hands, looking over shoulder, standing with pettiskirt and the umbrella-and-rainboots from my first class (a few weeks ago), as well as the ones of the boys on the rocks and all three together (those were my fixeruppers).


2 Responses to “One Down, One to Go”

  1. Zee aka Zabrina

    Your photography is really gorgeous. I like them all from the batch below. Difficult to choose only one… Photo classes are awesome and inspire us very much, don’t u think? Keep on this great work.

  2. Jessica

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the print and hang photos… please do post a picture! 🙂

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