A Modern Fairytale

Posted On August 14, 2007

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to collect crafty stuff. Among her collection, she counted a vast number of colored pencils. Prismacolor, to be specific. Pricey but beautiful, if rarely used.  They made a lovely bouquet in a beautiful glass vase that sat atop her desk where they could be admired and used as the mood struck.

Over time, two evil trolls came to be entranced by said Prismacolor pencils. Although the girl had bought them many a pack of Crayola color pencils, the trolls could not be bothered to keep up with them or even bring them home from school so they could complete their homework. Surreptitiously, they would sneak the Prismacolor pencils from their vase, much to the girl’s annoyance.

One day, the girl decided to use her beloved Prismacolor pencils to complete a project. Oh, she was inspired! The pencils would be perfect. Alas, it was not to be, for her expansive collection had dwindled to ten lonely pencils, many of them broken and only two in the same color family. Needless to say, the girl was angered.

Boy, are those trolls in big trouble when they get home from school.

The End?


3 Responses to “A Modern Fairytale”

  1. mongoose1

    Adorable story!

  2. Sadira

    Why are trolls always making off with one’s expensive pencil collections?!

  3. Heidicrafts

    I have similar trolls here, though my pencils of choice are Colerase by Faber Castell. I keep a closer watch on my watercolor pencils. One troll lost the cap to my water blending brush.

    And no one else around here understands that one cup is for the cools and one cup is for the warms.

    If you do get more pencils, though, I love coloring the wonderful calendar from More Time Moms. Great calendar for busy families and I especially love the full set of months from September though to December of the following year. I can write all of the school-year data at once and have no panic in January.

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