The Artist in Me

Posted On August 14, 2007

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I used to love to draw and paint and create art. It was fun and liberating when I was younger, a creative pastime that I could explore on my own time. Somewhere along the way, life really impeded that love, that process. “Art” was something I did when I was bored, doodles on random pieces of paper.

In the spring, I signed up for the ATC exchange at the Creative Mom Podcast. I thought it would give me an outlet for my inner artist.

I was wrong.

What I’ve found out is that creating a tiny piece of art on a deadline is paralyzing for my creative juices.  I don’t know if it’s the size (2.5″x3.5″), sticking to a theme (rather broad), maybe that it’s going to someone else or just that it’s been too long since I’ve been “artsy.” No matter, each month I struggle to create an ATC.

There are no rules for ATCs; that’s one of the things that appealed to me about joining the exchange, the fact that I can’t go wrong.  Still, I struggle. I procrastinate. And, eventually, I make something and stick it in an envelope, feeling guilty that my recipient will get a card two weeks late.

This morning, after the boys and Honey had left, with hours before Miss L arose for the day, I cut pieces of cardstock for making ATCs, determined to find my groove. As I cut, I gave myself permission to have fun. Why? Because I finally realized that I did not view creating ATCs as “fun.” Rather, it’s been an obligation, something I “had” to do versus “wanted.”

This morning, I made three ATCs. They aren’t perfect and they aren’t exactly what I thought they would be — and that’s OK. They are small moments of art, created by me, parts of me that I am sharing.

And I had fun.


5 Responses to “The Artist in Me”

  1. Sadira

    Oh yes…I think that a deadline is a hard one. I immediately feel rebellious about “doing” anything! That was my excuse for never taking art in college…until I changed my major and had to. Luckily, I had some amazing teachers that realized that I was creative enough to know what I was doing and only required that I meet the assignments…and do it my own way…Just keep doing it your own way girl…it’s working!

  2. Leslie

    Oh yes, the dreadline. I have 25 tags to make for Silver Bella in November. Now, that’s a long way off from here, but it won’t be by the time I put myself to the task. I worry about what the recipient will think, will it be good enough, what is everyone else doing? Sigh. You jumped in and I like your ATCs. Way to go!

  3. Breanna

    Oh my gosh, I love that blue one. It is gorgeous! Deadlines and perfectionsism are not good companions, eh? I always drive myself crazy with swaps, but they do push me to try new things, so the stress is worth it for me.

  4. Helena

    I love the blue one, so beautiful!

    PS I taggged you on my site, a list of 10 random faves. Check it out!

  5. Angelina

    I especially like the one with the kimono. It’s important to give yourself permission to have fun sometimes, even if you think it shouldn’t be necessary. I do this with quilting, to a lot of people it’s a very exacting craft, but I let my corners not match and I let them evolve organically because in all the rest of the sewing I do professionally I have to make things perfect. It’s important to let your creative hair down sometimes and not have expectations. Just do it.

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